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HR Consulting Onsite

You will be assigned on a dedicated HR business partners who will spend between a customized number of days per week, based on your needs,  at your organization managing all aspects of your human resources function, from talent acquisition and onboarding to workforce planning and employee relations.

Your HR consultant can serve as your Chief Human Resources Officer, HR Generalist, or fulfill the responsibilities of an entire HR department.  You will also have access to Essential HR’s full network of practice leaders and experts, from benefits and compliance experts to staffing specialists who, together with your assigned HR Consultant, will help your organization improve its performance and achieve better outcomes. 

HR Remote Consulting

Essential HR's Remote HR outsourcing practice provides organizations with access to critical human resources support.

You will work with an experienced HR professional ready to help you put effective policies in place so you can focus on the organization's core competency. Our HR consultants maintain current knowledge of federal and state workplace regulations and best practices and they have the expertise required to help you maintain an engaged and productive staff.

Packages are available for as few as ten hours per month and can be tailored to any budget.

Interim HR Consulting

Essential HR is able to provide a professional HR Consultant to oversee your organizations HR function when you are in transition, either onsite or remotely. 

Onboarding & Orientation

A complete and compliant onboarding program that engages employees from day one. 

Our consultants will design and implement a policy and procedure program for compliant onboarding, as well as an interactive, engaging orientation that provides new hires with the tools, history and information that they need to be a successful team member. 

Employee Investigations

We provide thorough and complete investigations on employee related matters including Hostile Work Environment, Harassment, Discrimination, and other employee relations issues.

Our experienced consultants will conduct a prompt investigation with a complete report for your records. 

Performance Management

Our HR professional will set up a comprehensive Performance Management Program specific for your organization, including: training for managers on how to conduct effective performance reviews,  a customized performance review form, and  will set up a system to track when performance reviews are given.

An HR consultant will be available for coaching, counseling and sitting in on performance review one-on-one meetings 

Employee Engagement Survey and Action Plan

This is an excellent tool to assess employee views and perspectives which can be used to improve performance and productivity. Essential HR utilizes a survey that will provide you with a scorecard with the outcome of the data, and recommendations for improving employee engagement, which will ultimately increase your bottom line.

Termination And Exit Interview

Exit interviews can provide extremely valuable and insightful information from terminated employees, which can help improve your organization to learn and grow.   Our HR consultants are trained in retrieving this information and presenting to employers in a helpful method.


Reduction In Workforce

Should you ever find your organization in need of a Reduction In Workforce (RIF) our experienced team will work with you to create a strategy free of adverse action and discrimination and implement the plan through completion. 

Discipline And Performance Improvement

Our HR professional will set up a comprehensive Corrective Action, Counseling and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) specific for your organization, including: 

Training for managers on how to complete forms and conduct corrective action, counseling and performance improvement meetings with employee

HR Compliance Assessment

Our HR Consultant will come to your worksite and conduct a comprehensive review of HR policies, procedures, and practices to assess California state compliance and minimize your exposure to employment litigation.  

Our Compliance Audit includes a review of the following: Recruiting and Hiring, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Leave of Absence Administration, Personnel Forms, Risk Management, Workers Compensation Administration, Safety, Performance Management, Disciplinary Procedures, and Termination Process.  

We will partner with you to assess what practices are being done correctly, how things might be done differently, more efficiently, or at a reduced cost. 

Employee File & I-9 Audit

Our HR Professional will complete a comprehensive review of Employee Files and personnel related forms (for liability related to HIPPA, privacy, discrimination, legally required documentation, and document retention requirements).

  • Extensive review of employee files 

  • Separating confidential files from employee files with restricted access within the server

  • Integrate 6-section Employee File organization system

  • Provide an Employee File Organization List with procedures and protocols for employment related documentation 

  • Consultant to provide/replace all non-legally compliant forms found in the review

  • Consultant to provide on-site training and oversight to person responsible for maintaining employee files

  • Review I-9 forms for compliance issues and train on correct process

FLSA (Exempt vs. NonExempt Audit)

Consultant’s approach to preparing the Classification Audit on exempt employees will encompass the following elements: review existing job descriptions and compensation for exempt employees, determine if positions meet the Exempt Duties Test under the White Collar Classification, conduct the Salary Test based on the new FLSA salary requirements, reclassify employees to non-exempt that do not meet all new requirements and update their job descriptions, meet with newly classified non-exempt employees to educate and train them on the reason for the change, and requirement of timekeeping and overtime rules.

Leave of Absence Administration

Navigating the complex Leave of Absence laws and requirements is daunting to most HR professionals.

We will completely handle your employee's leaves of absence, while administrating the legally required notifications, processes and communications.

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions are the foundation to the employment process, from recruiting and hiring to termination. Our HR professional will assist in updating and creating comprehensive job descriptions that are specific for your organization.

  • Meet and Consult with Client to complete Job Description Questionnaire

  • Format Job Description, with Core Competencies, Essential HR Functions, Supervisory Functions (if applicable), Physical Demands (ADA Compliant), Job Requirements (Education, Certificates, Licenses, Computer Skills, Travel, etc.)

  • Provide Final Job Description in Word/Reusable Format and Hard Copy

Payroll Process

Our HR Professional will be available remotely to assist with accruals and semi-monthly or bi-weekly payroll processing 

Benefits Administration

We have an expert team of benefit administrators that are able to assist you in developing, implementing and administering the right benefit program for your organization. 

Year End Benefit Statements

Our HR professional will create an organized statement customized for each individual employee outlining their total compensation from your company based on:

  • On the job pay

  • Paid time off Company paid benefits (Health Care, Dental Care, etc.)

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Mandated Benefits

  • FSA

  • Early Close/holidays

  • Company Events

  • Training and Development

  • Volunteering

  • And More

HR Essentials – The Basics for all Managers

Our HR Professional will create and conduct an onsite training for your management team specific to your organization, including: 

Training for managers on how to complete forms and conduct corrective action, counseling and performance improvement meetings with employees

Training for managers on how to conduct terminations and exit interviews using the customized Termination Packet

Training for managers on how to conduct interviews and onboard new hires using the customized New Hire Orientation Packet

Consultant will be available for coaching, counseling and sitting in relative meetings upon request (onsite fee applies)

Customized Employee Handbook

Our professional HR Consultants will meet with you to create a customized employee handbook that will outline your employment policies and procedures. Our employee handbook is reviewed and edited by one of the premiere labor law firms in the country, and is updated annually with the most current legislation. Consultant’s approach to preparing the Employee Handbook will encompass the following elements:

  • Review of Client’s existing policies and procedures, both written and unwritten. 

  • Discussion with Client to determine which policies should be incorporated into the Employee Handbook. 

  • Consultant will prepare and provide to the Client a preliminary, hard-copy draft of the handbook. The Client will then have up to 45 days to review the preliminary draft and provide Consultant with final changes. In the event the Consultant does not receive any changes from the Client within 45 days, the preliminary draft will be considered to be the final version of the handbook. 

  • Consultant will incorporate final changes and provide the Client with a final electronic version of the handbook for reproduction by the Client. 

Annual Employee Handbook Updates

We provide the legally required labor law updates to your Essential HR Employee Handbook every January. 

New Hire Packet

Compliant new hire packet and new hire checklist. 

Performance Improvement Plan

A well written PIP can provide you with a valuable tool to get an employee back on track and provide documentation should termination become necessary. 

Termination Packet

Compliant termination packet and termination checklist to limit your liability from separating employees. 

New Hire Packet

Compliant new hire packet and new hire checklist. 

Discipline And Corrective Action Forms

These forms provide a template to provide verbal and written documentation to employees when corrective action is needed. 

Performance Improvement Plan

A well written PIP can provide you with a valuable tool to get an employee back on track and provide documentation should termination become necessary.

Other Customized Policies and Forms 

Termination Packet

Compliant termination packet and termination checklist to limit your liability from separating employees. 

Recruiting and Executive Search

We know that every organization is different and their needs are unique. A simple checklist on a job description doesn’t always cut it. We have the right tools and know the specific ways to mine out the right person.

We would love to help you find the right staff for your organization.