Lauren Fisher came to Essential HR from the property & casualty commercial insurance industry. Her experience managing Employer & Professional Liabilities for small and large companies offer valuable insight on avoiding the detrimental claims that can occur as a result of non-compliant, inadequate or non-existent policies and procedures. She is enthusiastic about partnering with businesses to protect and grow their financial and human capital through increased employee engagement, efficient recruiting, and invaluable preventative training. She loves being on-site with clients developing relationships based on trust and communication. Lauren earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at UCLA.

Lauren has experience in the following areas of Human Resources:

  • Sexual Harassment Training

  • Harassment Claim Investigation

  • Employee Engagement Surveys

  • Recruiting

  • Hiring Practices

  • Performance Management Programs

  • Terminations & Exit Interviews

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Corrective Action and Disciplinary Warning