Essential HR Services will create a custom plan to fit your organization’s needs, from the complete outsourcing of your HR function to individual projects.  Our comprehensive services provide solutions to help you address risk and compliance at every level of your organization, and our programs and services are scalable, affordable and tailored to your specific industry.


On Site Outsourcing

Essential HR Services will provide your organization with a courteous, professional and experienced HR Consultant to come to your worksite and manage any, or all of your HR functions.

HR Consulting Partnership

We will provide a dedicated HR Consultant to partner with your organization, making them available onsite or via telephone to answer your challenging Human Resources questions.  


Human Resources Compliance Audit

Our HR Consultant will come to your worksite and conduct a comprehensive review of HR policies, procedures, and practices to assess California state compliance and minimize your exposure to employment litigation.  Our Compliance Audit includes a review of the following: Recruiting and Hiring, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Leave of Absence Administration, Personnel Forms, Risk Management, Workers Compensation Administration, Safety, Performance Management, Disciplinary Procedures, and Termination Process.  We’ll partner with you to assess what practices are being done correctly, as well as how things might be done differently, more efficiently or at a reduced cost. 


Essential HR will manage your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims, from responding to claims, to representing your organization at UI hearings.

Leave of Absence / FMLA Administration

Navigating your way through California and Federal leave of absence laws is challenging for most employers. Let Essential HR handle this complex issue or train you on how to stay in compliance.



Job Descriptions are “essential” to good employment practice, from recruiting and hiring to termination.  Essential HR will simplify and streamline this process for your industry specific positions. 



Performance management program

Essential HR will create a comprehensive Performance Management Program for your organization, including a customized performance review form, training for managers on how to conduct effective reviews that will improve performance and productivity, as well as set up a system that will flag and track upcoming reviews.

recruiting and hiring practices

Essential HR will partner with you to design a customized recruiting and/or hiring plan to find the IDEAL candidate for your open position(s).  The following services are offered individually as needed oras a full service package:

· Meet with Hiring Manager (to discuss position, salary, competencies, culture and fit)
· Draft and Post Job Openings
· Resume Screening
· Present Offers
· Draft and Revise Offers
· Candidate Correspondence
 · Conduct Phone Interviews or Assist Hiring Manager with Interview Preparation
· Reference Calls- 3 professional and 3 personal
· Background and Credit Checks and Drug Screens
· Conduct New Hire Orientation/ New Hire Paperwork
· Background and Credit Checks and Drug Screens  

Conducting Exit Interviews

Exit interviews can provide extremely valuable and insightful information from terminating employees, which can help improve your organization to learn and grow.   Our HR Consultants are trained in retrieving this information and presenting to employers in a helpful method.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Looking for a way to gauge employee views and perspectives?  Want a way to improve performance and productivity? Essential HR utilizes a survey that will provide you with a scorecard with the outcome of the data, and recommendations for improving employee engagement, which will ultimately increase your bottom line.



Employee Harassment Prevention Training

Similar to Supervisory Harassment Training, Employee Harassment Prevention Training is geared toward your entire organization.  Our HR Consultant will come to your worksite and train your employees in awareness and prevention, educating them of their responsibility in prevention.  Employees are trained to report all harassment to an internal source, minimizing an investigation by the EEOC and/or DFEHA.

Supervisory Harassment Training

California State Assembly Bill 1825 requires that all employers that employ 50 or more employees conduct 2 hours of interactive harassment training to all of their supervisors and managers within their first 6 months on the job.  Our HR Consultants are certified to deliver this training to you in a format that is entertaining and educational. 

Executive Coaching/Staff Development

Essential HR will partner with your Executive Team or Staff, offering tools, techniques, and resources that will enhance their strengths, as well as broaden their perspective and outlook, making them a more effective part of your team.     

Onsite/Offsite Trainings

HR Essentials – The Basics for all Managers
Interviewing and Hiring for Managers
Communication Training
Employee Coaching & Discipline
Managing Remote Employees
Conflict Resolution
Diversity Training
Customer Service Training
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Other Customized Trainings


Employee Handbook

Our professional HR Consultants will meet with you to create a customized employee handbook that will outline your employment policies and procedures.  Our employee handbook is reviewed and edited by one of the premiere labor law firms in the country, and is updates annually with the most current legislation.


Essential HR will create customized personnel forms for your organization (i.e. Applications, Performance Review Forms, Employee Counseling or Disciplinary Forms, Time Off Request, etc.).


Policy and Procedures

Essential HR will partner with you in creating policies and procedures fitting for your industry and culture