Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients.  To add value to their organizations through consulting, training and development., that increases profitability and employee engagement. To be committed to our clients’ needs and to assist them in safeguarding their organization. To seek continuous improvement, that proactively exceeds our client's expectations.


Essential HR, Inc. was launched in 2004 to provide employers a resource in the complex world of employee management, labor law compliance, and employee engagement. 

We saw the need for employers to have a trusted partner.  

Since then we have expanded our expertise to include full HR Outsourcing, HR Membership, HR Administration, Recruiting and Hiring solutions, Organizational Development, Training, Health, and Wellness Programs and benefit consulting services.  We have been partnering with small and large businesses creating sustainable HR programs benefiting their organizations as well as their most valuable assets, their employees. We take pride in being able to provide our clients with the HR expertise they need so that they can focus on their Company expertise. Our goal is to deliver quality service with the utmost integrity.


Essential HR Services is a team of experienced, professional Human Resources (HR) Consultants specializing in Labor Law Compliance, Employee Relations, HR Administration, Organizational Development, Training, Health and Wellness Programs, and Payroll.  Our goal is to deliver quality service, with the utmost integrity. 


We have an amazing team of HR professionals - which means you have an amazing team.