Essential HR Services will create a custom plan to fit your organization’s needs, from the complete outsourcing of your HR function to individual projects.  Our comprehensive services provide solutions to help you address risk and compliance at every level of your organization, and our programs and services are scalable, affordable and tailored to your specific industry.



Onsite HR Consulting
Remote HR Consulting
Interim HR Manager/Executive
On Site Outsourcing


Onboarding & Orientation
Employee Investigations
Performance Management
Employee Engagement Survey & Action Plan
Termination and Exit Interviews
Reduction in Workforce
Discipline and Performance Improvement
FLSA (exempt vs. nonexempt) Audit:
Essential HR reviews existing job descriptions and compensation for exempt employees. Determine if positions meet the Exempt Duties Test under the White-Collar Classification while conducting the Salary Test based on the new FLSA salary requirements. Partner with you to reclassify employees to non-exempt that do not meet all new requirements and update their job descriptions. Together meet with newly classified non-exempt employees to educate and train them on the reason for the change, and requirement of timekeeping and overtime rules.

HR Administration

Leave of Absence Administration
Job Descriptions
Payroll Processing
Benefits Administration
Unemployment Claims Management
Year End Benefit Statements:
Our HR professional will create an organized statement customized for each individual employee outlining their total compensation from your company based on:

  • On the job pay

  • Paid time off Company paid benefits (Health Care, Dental Care, etc.)

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Mandated Benefits

  • FSA

  • Early Close/holidays

  • Company Events

  • Training and Development

  • Volunteering

  • And More

Onsite Trainings

HR Essentials: The Basics for all Managers
Interviewing and Hiring for Managers
Communication Training
Employee Coaching & Discipline
Managing Remote Employees
Conflict Resolution
Diversity Training
Customer Service Training
Time Management
Other Customized Trainings

Leadership Development & Coaching

Mandated Harassment Training

Supervisory Harassment Prevention Training
Required by California State Assembly Bill 1343 for employers with 5 or more employees

Employee Harassment Prevention Training
Required by California State Assembly Bill 1343 for employers with 5 or more employees

Compliance Audit & Assessment

HR Compliance Assessment:
Our comprehensive Compliance Audit includes a review of the following for California state compliance: Recruiting and Hiring, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Leave of Absence Administration, Personnel Forms, Risk Management, Workers Compensation Administration, Safety, Performance Management, Disciplinary Procedures, and Termination Process.  

We will provide a full Executive Report of our findings and a complete reporting of corrective actions that minimize your exposure to employment litigation. We will partner with you to assess what practices are being done correctly, how things might be done differently, more efficiently, or at a reduced cost. 

Employee File & I-9 Audit:
Our HR Professional will complete a comprehensive review of Employee Files and personnel related forms (for liability related to HIPPA, privacy, discrimination, legally required documentation, and document retention requirements).

  • Extensive review of employee files 

  • Separating confidential files from employee files with restricted access within the server

  • Integrate 6-section Employee File organization system

  • Provide an Employee File Organization List with procedures and protocols for employment related documentation 

  • Consultant to provide/replace all non-legally compliant forms found in the review

  • Consultant to provide on-site training and oversight to person responsible for maintaining employee files

  • Review I-9 forms for compliance issues and train on correct process

Policies & Forms

Employee Handbook:
State and Federally compliant with customized policies for your industry, company size, and unique culture

New Hire Packet
Performance Improvement Plan
Termination Packet
Discipline and Corrective Action Forms
Time off request
Customized Forms

Recruiting and Executive Search

We know that every organization is different and their needs are unique. A simple checklist on a job description doesn’t always cut it. We have the right tools and know the specific ways to mine out the right person.

We would love to help you find the right staff for your organization.