Your Employee Engagement Strategy Needs More Wellness


At Essential HR, we are all about employee engagement!  Why?  Because it makes complete sense. The study of ROI on employee engagement is undeniable.  If you have engaged employees, then you will have engaged customers, which is going to result in higher profits.  It all starts with your employees, and employee engagement starts from day one of the recruiting process.  How you present your job advertisement on the job posting sight is the future employees first glimpse on how well an employer engages their employees.  Does your job posting make employees excited about joining your team?  Does it show how the employee will be cared for as a person?  If not, you may want to revise it.  

Employees these days are looking for companies to work at where they can be their best selves, live their best lives, and work and live in an environment and culture that promotes wellness.  The studies that link employee engagement and employer wellness programs are showing the benefits of incorporating an overall wellness strategy.  

Please read this article by about how wellness programs are increasing employee engagement….which remember….will increase your bottom line.  

For additional information on increasing employee engagement at your organization, contact Essential HR.  That is what we are all about!